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You can now use your discount code

Hello everyone!

In the "controversial" Email that we sent a few days ago, we sent a discount code that you could use after January 5, we have been delayed a bit and we apologize.

Speaking of apologies... thank you very much for the great support received by our user community, you are the best!

The plugins where you can use this code are:

QM Bundle 1 50% OFF




Valid until January 10, 2022 at 8:00 UTC + 2

Have a great weekend


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The QM Bundle seems to suggest that Scaler 2 is part of the "Guitar" package - and I doubt that is the case...

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Quiet MusicCreator

Hello, in the description of the video we warn that Scaler 2 is from another company and is not sold together with Classic.GTR Sorry for the inconvenience --- ATTENTION: Scaler 2 is a third-party Plugin and is not sold together with Classic.GTr, if you want to buy Scaler 2 you must do it in Plugin Boutique with the following link: --

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Thanks for clarifying (cool interface between your product and scaler btw). Another thing, please: I see your prices are listed in euros only with no listing for US dollars. I'd like to buy something, but would like to know the price upfront. Thanks.

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je n'ai pas pu rentrer le code promo qui me faisait beneficier de 50%

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Quiet MusicCreator

It is fixed sorry for the inconvenience :)

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Thank you guys for your support

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