Weekend offers - 50% OFF

Hello everyone!

This week we offer 50% off on our 4 relaxation plugins.

use the following links to get 50% off these plugins

MAGICDRUM: https://quietmusic.gumroad.com/l/bWWPr/qm5007 5€ (exVAT)

SERENITY SE: https://quietmusic.gumroad.com/l/Nmqwb/qm5007 5€ (exVAT)

CLASSIC.GTR: https://quietmusic.gumroad.com/l/PPaIZ/qm5007 5€ (exVAT)

HEALING: https://quietmusic.gumroad.com/l/prRYL/qm5007 5€ (exVAT)

This offer ends on July 19, 2021 at 8:00 UTC + 2

These are the last offers that we will make of these plugins in the month of July, next week there will be new releases.

Thanks for your support!