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New Releases: Love-Fi 2 & Love-Fi 2 Lite

Hi everyone!

The New Love-Fi 2 and Love-Fi 2 Lite are now available!

The full version is free for everyone who bought the original Love-Fi, Bundle 3 and Bundle 4, to download it you must access your gumroad library with the same email you used for purchase.


Attention: Love-Fi 2 and Love-Fi 2 Lite are not compatible with projects created with Love-fi Original, since it has been completely rebuilt, I recommend not uninstalling the original version to copy the parameters that you have used in a project.

For people who have never bought Love-fi we have an introductory offer, get it for only €18 (taxes not included) and also a completely free version!

Offer valid Until June 23, 2022


Lite Version:

Love-Fi 2 is a VST/VST3/AU instruments, specially designed for composition and production of Lo-Fi beats, ChillWave, Chillhop or Lo-Fi Ambient among others.

LOVE-FI 2 contains 3 modules inside:

Midnight - 122 multi-sampled sound presets of pads, keys and basses.

Things - 16 various presets of sounds of nature, animals, people, environments, vinyl and various processed noises.

Rhythm - 63 drum kits created with sounds from various sources such as home-recorded sounds, synth sounds, noises, pops, clicks, etc...


  • Windows & Mac 64 Bit.
  • VST/VST3/AU.
  • 122 multi-sampled sound presets of pads, keys and basses.
  • 63 drum kits.
  • 16 extra presets layers of SFX.
  • 25 midi files
  • ASDR envelope
  • LFO modulation
  • Easy to use & friendly interface.

What's new in Love-Fi 2?

  • New GUI.
  • 40 new presets.
  • 25 midi files
  • Added sound tune property.
  • Native Apple silicone support.
  • Allow mse files to be placed at a different location by asking users to Choose if no instrument is found.
  • Automation of some parameters.
  • Sub-folder structures in the instruments folder.
  • Double click to reset a knob's value.

Video Demo:

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