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Love-FI - 24H Flash Sale & Clarification About Affiliates

Hello everyone!

Only for 24 hours, special price for Love-Fi!

€17 (taxes not included)

Click on the following link to get your direct discount:

Offer active until January 21, 2022 AT 23:00 UTC+2

Some clarifications about the email to become an affiliate -

There has been some confusion about how the Gumroad affiliate system works and we would like to summarize how it works, it is something that we should have clarified in the first email about affiliates.

1- You create an account in Gumroad (so they can pay you your commissions)

2- You request access to be an affiliate of my products

3- Once approved, all you have to do is share the links of the products you want (the ones you like the most) with your audience on social networks and for each sale you will get 20%. The higher the price of the product, the higher your commission will be.

4- You can manage everything from your Gumroad account.

5- Gumroad takes care of everything: track your sales and pay you (I don't do anything, let's say they deduct it from my profit)

6- In your account you will find the products that you can promote. Each one of them has a personalized link for you, that way Gumroad knows that this sale comes from you and pays you the commission.

7-These types of programs are very common today, one of the most popular is Amazon, but there are many more companies that use this method to get customers. A great option to get some extra money and treat yourself to something (just for sharing).

And above all remember, it is not selling for selling, you are promoting something that you have been able to try thanks to the lite versions or perhaps with some product that you have bought from us, in no case do we send the full versions to promote when you apply for affiliate.

Take a look at this text extracted from the following link:

"How does it work?


Your affiliates create a Gumroad account (so we can pay them).

You add them as an affiliate to your product(s).

They are sent an affiliate link that looks something like this:

Note the "/a/" in it. That means that this is an affiliate link. They share that link with the world.

When a customer clicks that link, their browser is "cookied" for 30 days. If they buy the products that your affiliate is assigned within 30 days, your affiliate is credited with the sale. We take our fee, and you and your affiliate split the remainder.

After 7 days, your affiliate can be paid out for that sale."

Kind regards

Quiet Music


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